Is Ubuntu better than Windows 10?

ubuntu vs windows 10 best operating system

Comparisons between two entities help us to know that which one is better amongst them. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the fact that, whether Ubuntu is better than windows 10 or not. However, before discussing further, we must know the exact difference between Ubuntu and Linux. Ubuntu is an operating system which is entirely based on the Linux kernel. It is also known to us that Windows 10 refers to the most recent version of Windows, an operating system developed by Microsoft. So, both being the operating systems, let us see which one is better – Ubuntu or Windows 10.

Best features of Ubuntu :

Ubuntu, as already said above, is a type of Linux operating system. It has three editions: Desktop, Server and Core. So first let us look at its characteristic features. 

1. Ubuntu’s Launcher

The most unusual thing you might notice in this operating system is that it has a left-aligned launcher grill. It means you will be able to see the menu left-aligned. The left-aligned list must look unusual, but it gives a different outlook, unlike any other operating system.

Ubuntu desktop view better than windows

2. Heads-up display 

The heads up display comes from the top, which is quite easy to access and to use. One has to press the “Alt” key, and then you will notice the HUD search bar, where you can search for anything, and you will get the best possible results within no time. 

3. Application Launcher- 

The application launcher is another exclusive feature of Ubuntu, as everything is easily accessible, and you get everything at one place only. There is no personalized grouping system. The application launcher is called Dash, which is taken from the name dashboard. 

4. Bars- 

The next best feature is that, for knowing the progress of any application in Ubuntu, you do not need to check that in a new launcher. You will get the notifications on the app icon.

Best features of Windows 10

Now let us have a look at the characteristic features of Windows 10-

1. Cloud Storage- 

If you are using windows 10, then you would have a feature to access your cloud storage easily. Even smaller things, such as clipboard is connected, with the cloud which helps you to get any older clipboard document. 

2. Screen capture- 

Windows 10 is provided with the screen capture feature, so now you don’t need to take the screenshot of a complete display. You can take a screen capture as per your necessity and convenience.

3. Search Panel- 

A new dedicated search panel is placed, on the start bar, near the start button. The search panel has been made stronger than ever, so no matter how much older record you search for, you are going to recover it every time quickly.  

4. Dark Mode- 

Nowadays, the dark mode has become a new trend. In Windows 10, you are going to get the dark mode in the file explorer.

is windows 10 dark mode better than Ubuntu

Disadvantages of Ubuntu 

Every coin has two faces, and the same is in this case. Besides the useful advantage of Linux OS, Ubuntu possess certain disadvantages too.

1. Proprietary software- 

This is the first disadvantage possessed by the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu doesn’t have proprietary software.

2. Graphics drivers- 

No matter how much you try, you can never install graphics drivers in your Ubuntu installed computer because it is complicated and almost impossible for older hardware systems to install graphics drivers.  

3. Command line- 

Some features of Ubuntu works only with the command line, which makes it difficult to use. So utilizing Ubuntu is not a cup of tea for everyone.  

Disadvantages of Windows 10

Windows 10 has some demerits too, from which some of them are as follows-

1. Personal information- 

The first and the most significant disadvantage of Windows 10 is that your personal information gets shared with Microsoft automatically.  

2. Security issues- 

There are many known security issues for Windows 10, which the users have faced. Sometimes the security system does not work properly, and it has some bugs issues.

Ubuntu vs. Windows 10: Which one is better?

In this Ubuntu vs. Windows 10 blog, the various advantages and disadvantages of both the operating systems have been discussed. Each of them is unique and exclusive in their own way. However, for some Ubuntu may be a better operating system than Windows 10, as it has better security systems and it does not let your personal information to be shared with any company. Well, for others, Windows 10 may serve as a better operating system as it provides cloud storage facility and better user-friendliness. So, which one is a better operating system varies from person to person as per their usage and requirements.

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