Top 8 Tips for Extending Battery Life of Smartphone

extend smartphone battery life

It is not always convenient or affordable enough to get the lithium-ion battery of our smartphones replaced. So from day one, the user should pay heed to maximum extension of the battery life of his or her smartphone. In this era of non-removable batteries, when the battery remains embedded within the body of the smartphone, it’s much easier to maintain it in good condition rather than opting for a replacement which takes up a little less cost than buying another smartphone. Moreover, the user’s accessibility to the battery of smartphones now has also been blocked in most of the models. Thus a common question often hits the users’ minds: How to extend smartphone battery life?

There are some tips and tricks to extend smartphone battery life. Regular maintenance of certain parameters can considerably increase the battery life of the smartphone. Here are top tips for extending the battery life of the mobile phone

1. Understanding the Process of Degradation:

The battery of smartphone, no matter of which company, degrades with every charge cycle. As far as the definition is concerned, a charge cycle is a completion of the cycle of full discharge and charge of the battery, from 0% to 100%. Charging the phone from 50% to 100% completes one half charge cycle. Doing that twice a full charge cycle is completed. Depending on the use and battery capacity of the smartphones, some users make their devices go through more than one charge cycle per day, and some make their devices go through less than one charge cycle per day.

extend life mobile battery

2. Preventing it from falling prey to the extremities of heat and cold: 

The surrounding temperature of smartphones matters a lot. This is because, depending on the surrounding temperature, the strain on the battery varies. If the battery gets strained due to extremes of temperature, high or low, then its life definitely decreases by a considerable percentage. In addition to the decrement in battery life, the overall interface of the operating system of the smartphone can also get damaged in extreme conditions. Thus it is evident that in order to extend mobile battery, the user should take good care of it by always keeping it at room temperature or optimum temperature to be very precise.  

3. Refrain from fast charging to avoid damaging battery of Smartphone: 

There is a type of mobile charger that has become popular these days. They are known for charging smartphones faster than the standard charger. But if one is concerned about the battery, then fast charging often imparts a lot of stress on the battery. So the slower the phone gets charged, the better it is for the life of the smartphone battery. 

battery life of mobile phones

4. Moderate charging of 50%: 

The optimum charge that keeps a lithium-ion battery healthy enough seems to be not less than 50%. In that way, stress on the battery is not prolonged while charging, and as a result, the life of the battery automatically gets extended.

5. Reducing screen brightness:

More than 70% of the smartphone’s battery is utilized by the screen of the smartphone. So it is quite obvious that a reduction in the brightness of the screen will reduce battery consumption.

6. Decreasing screen time out: 

It is not an unknown fact for smartphone users that if the smartphone is left unused for some time, then after a certain time, one minute or more, the screen will get locked. This is called the screen time out. By visiting the settings, the user can easily regulate the time of screen time out, the minimum of which is 30 seconds. By this method not only you can reduce your battery drainage but also it helps to extend to the battery life of your smartphone. 

7. Turning on the energy-saving mode: 

To avoid excessive power consumption, many conscious smartphone users enable the energy-saving or power-saving mode in their devices. In this way, battery life for the day can be increased for a considerable amount of time. However, it is not recommendable to use mobile battery app, as this kind of app can give an incorrect impression of preventing the draining of battery life. Instead, the in-built power-saving mode in smartphones should be used.

8. Using the dark theme:

In order to display dark colors, black for instance, smartphones do not block the backlight with pixels. This creates a very sharp and imparts a beautiful contrast between black and white colors. This also makes it evident that darker colors use almost no energy as compared to lighter colors. As a result, there is less stress on the battery life.

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