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There are various instances where parents are worried about what their children are surfing on the internet. They are suspicious if their kids are watching adult content on the web or doing any other sort of inappropriate activity. They wish if there was a spy software for android or iOS phones so they could secretly spy into their children’s phones to keep an eye on their daily internet activity.

Similar is the case for employers who are worried about what their employees are doing with the cell phones that the company gave them. The employers want their employees to be more productive and not waste the resources they are provided with. Monitoring their devices could be helpful in such cases with these spy software for android/iOS.

Like the above two cases, there could be many such scenarios where one needs to monitor someone else’s device. It could be anything like spying on your spouse/partner’s phone to detect if they are cheating on you or you are just having bad thoughts.


About SpyFone:

Spyfone is an application that helps you monitor any particular device remotely. You can have access to their WhatsApp chats, you can live monitor their mobile screen activity. You can check who they are talking to and also you can trace their live location. These are just a few of the various features they offer.

You even can download the media and can save call recordings too in case you want to use them as proof. They have different plans and each plan has a different price and access to different features.


How does it work?

First of all, you will need to download and install this spy software on the phone you want to monitor. And for that, you will need to have physical access to that phone. Once the application is installed on the phone you can track any activity that is happening on the phone. And even if the owner of the phone somehow detects the application he/she won’t be able to delete it through his phone.

There are three different levels of monitoring that the Spyfone offers:

  • Basic:

This costs $99.96/year. You can trace phone calls, text messages, live GPS locations, you can have access to its file explorer, and you will be able to recover lost data. You can block calls, messages, and websites too. This feature doesn’t give you access to its WhatsApp, Facebook, Call recordings, etc.

  • Premium:

This costs $199.96/year. This allows you to do all the activities under the Basic package and in addition to that, you can remotely monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Tinder, Gmail, Skype, etc.

  • Xtreme:

As it sounds it really is the extreme version of this application. This costs $299.96. You definitely will have access to all the features included in the Basic package. But in addition, you will have access to these different features:

  • Live Viewing Video
  • Live Screen Viewing
  • Live Remote Control
  • Listening to Surroundings
  • Screen Capturing
  • Call Recording
  • Keylogger

Now, it won’t take any genius to decide which of the three is best. Once you have decided to choose your package you need to install this application on the subject’s phone and then register your email. You will be sent a code that you will need to enter in the application and then only the application will start working secretly in the mobile’s background.

Once this whole process has completed you can download this application your device too to monitor the subject’s activity or you can monitor through a PC.


If the subject is using an android device then to monitor that mobile the android version must be 4.1 to 9 or better. And it must have internet connectivity.

For the iPhone, Spyfone works with all iOS versions. If two-factor authentification is on, then you will need to have physical access to the phone to download the application in it. Or else, you can download and install the application if you have the iCloud credentials. This works by downloading the app remotely and then the app is installed automatically on the phone via the iCloud backup program.

But here is one noticeable point, if your iPhone undergoes jailbreaking then there is a possibility that Spyfone will not work with your device. Spyfone mentions that it is your responsibility whatever happens to the device once you have installed Spyfone in it. But the positive thing here is that Spyfone can be easily downloaded into iOS without jailbreaking it directly from iCloud.



As it is an application that allows you to breach into someone’s privacy you must be aware of the rules you are bound to follow.

Spyfone clearly mentions that the app is mainly designed for parental control or to monitor any device which is owned by you which includes devices owned by you or used by your significant closed ones.


There are so many pros to this application. Few of them could be:

  • You don’t need to depend on any private detective for any personal minor affairs. You yourself can handle that with the help of this application.
  • This app doesn’t require you to know rocket science to operate it. You just simply need to install and monitor.
  • One of the most important features available in the Xtreme version is that you can hear the surroundings through this app and also see the live scenes through the subject’s mobile camera.


  • If the subject is listening to music and in the case at that time you enable the live viewing through that device, it will shut their music off which when happened regularly may put the subject in suspicion.
  • Users have complaints about the accuracy in live GPS location and live viewing feature.


Spyfone has really got some great features. If I personally needed to use this then without any doubt I would. It’s always good to monitor your fast-growing kids and from that point of view, this application really gets the job done. Any similar needs can be addressed through this application. So, it is a thumbs up from my side.

You definitely can try this application. One tip could be if you don’t need to use this very often then you can go with the monthly package. That wouldn’t even cost you much and will get the job done.

Hope you liked this article. You can ask any further doubts in the comments section.

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