Top 10 Paid Online Surveys of 2019

top paid online surveys

Using your spare time to earn some cash, does that sound good to you? Well, that sounds great to me. Because now you can really get paid for doing online surveys. Yes, that is true as there are plenty of paid online surveys available on the web. But obviously, not all of them can be trusted.

To find out the list of 10 best paid online surveys you just need to stick with this article. After hours of research and practically trying a few of them we present you the list of most reliable highest paid surveys.

One thing we would like to tell you straight at this point is that filling out surveys won’t make you rich. But you can definitely improve on the amount of cash earned by taking the maximum number of surveys. You can do that by registering on multiple such paid online survey sites.

Here is our list of 10 best paid online surveys 

1. Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie is one of the best in this Industry. It is a company that offers only surveys to get paid. You don’t earn any points for browsing or watching videos.

The most satisfying thing about Survey Junkie is that if you want to redeem your points into cash then you can do it through PayPal and the most it can take is 24 hours. Although, in most cases it is immediate.

You can expect a variety of surveys from time to time. This works on a point system where you can earn between 50-450 points for answering surveys.

100 points equal to $1 and you get to redeem your points when you reach a threshold of 1000 points i.e. $10. You can redeem it through PayPal or e-Vouchers.

2. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is another legit survey site that allows you to earn points and then redeem it into cash through PayPal or e-vouchers/discount coupons.

You get multiple options to earn points through this website. You can take surveys, use their search tool to browse the internet, also by watching fun videos.

Swagbucks has been in the business for quite a long period of time. It has millions of customers and also it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You just need to sign up and then you are good to go. Also, you receive a $5 Sign Up bonus.

Also, one perk is that you can redeem your points even with a threshold limit of $1.

3. MyPoints:

MyPoints has been benefitting their customers for the last two decades. You get various types of options other than just surveys to earn points and then redeem into cash.

You can take surveys, watch fun videos, and play games. You can also read emails and then visit their partner sites to earn 5 points. You can also earn cashback by shopping through their portal.

4. Inbox Dollars:

It is another one of the most reputable online survey companies with millions of current users. You even get an instant $5 sign up bonus. You need to answer a couple of questions about yourself like income level, race, etc. and then you are good to go.

You may also need to watch a couple of tutorial videos about how to use their site. Signing up and watching videos together will hardly take 15 minutes which I obviously think is worth $5.

You get multiple ways to earn, Apart from taking surveys, you can earn by watching videos, playing games, using their search bar to browse the internet and also through referrals.

The noticeable feature is that they work on the cash-only system. So, you really don’t need to worry about converting and counting your points while redeeming.

5. Vindale Research:

Another cool paid survey site that works on the cash-only system is VIndale research. You complete the surveys and you earn the cash.

Signing up is absolutely free and you also have a fair chance of getting rewarded up to $2 just for signing up.

You get multiple types of surveys about products manufactured by big brands like Amazon, Nike, and Samsung etc. You can also get paid to watch videos and through referrals.

One of the perks of Vindale is that they tend to pay relatively more than the other sites. It pays between $0.25-$50 depending on the type and length of the survey.

The threshold limit for cash out is $50 which is a bit high as compared to other similar sites. Also, the layout and design of their website could be a turn off for their users.

Overall, Vindale is a fun and easy way to make money.

6. The Panel Station:

Currently, this site comprises of more than 2 million users from 32 different countries.

Panel Station’s surveys cover different topics such as consumer goods, technology, health care, finance, etc. Just like other sites here also you can take surveys and earn points and then redeem them into cash.

Points can be redeemed through PayPal or e-vouchers.  The threshold limit for pay-out is 3000 points.

You first need to sign up which is super easy. Now, you are ready to take the appropriate surveys. The layout and design of the site are smooth and user-friendly. Also, it has an app available on the play store. So, you can work both through the website and the app.

7. Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research is one of the oldest market research companies. Once you sign up, you are eligible for earning points after every survey you take. The value of each point is roughly $0.1, so you get $3 for 300 points.

An additional perk is that you get to learn about new products here before they even hit the market.

This is one company that will actually send you a check during the first cash out via email. Further, you can opt for PayPal and other methods to redeem your points.

The noticeable point here about this company is that you can’t sign up through their website. They accept members through exclusive invitation links only. Also, they have a monthly limit of adding new members.

8. Life Points:

Life Points is another similar company. It works on a point system. You get 10 points as a signup bonus.

They send you surveys through e-mail and you get to decide whether to take that survey or not. You can also get free products to try which is a great thing.

The points can be redeemed through PayPal. Other options include iTunes, Amazon, and Starbucks. You get an option to donate your points through charity too.

9. SurveySavvy:

SurveySavvy is another giant in the industry. They actually have some of the highest paying surveys.

They work on the cash-only system. Taking surveys can pay you between $2 and $10 depending on the length of the surveys.

You also get $1-$2 for each referral. The most important feature of this company is that they don’t have a minimum payout limit. They pay through check via email.

10. CashKarma

Cash Karma works on the point system. You earn points by taking surveys and then redeem them into cash via PayPal.

Other ways to earn points include watching app trailers/videos and also through referrals.


Apart from the listed sites obviously there are a lot of other sites for a similar purpose. But, do not let yourself get overwhelmed by so many options. The listed sites are reputed and trustworthy so we strongly recommend to try these before wasting your energy on other less valuable sites.

We hope that you liked our article about paid online survey sites. Any suggestion to improve is welcome. Also, feel free to ask your doubts in the comment section.

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