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Aweber honest review

Aweber is an email marketing tool that helps you generate leads by sending e-newsletters. In this Aweber review, we will discuss the software in detail. We will discuss all the possible ways in which this tool can help you grow your subscriber’s list. Also, a detailed and comparative analysis of Aweber’s pricing with respect to other competitors is provided at the end of this article.

E-mail marketing is one of the most successful strategies to convert your visitors into loyal customers. And when it comes to sending e-newsletters we have got plenty of tools to choose from. But what makes Aweber different and better from its competitors is its existence in the industry for more than 20 years and unique and brilliant customer support.

Aweber like any other software has its own list of pros and cons. We will discuss them one by one in detail in this review.

Aweber sign-up page

Importing subscribers:

One of the most important features of Aweber is that it allows you to import your existing subscriber’s list. This is one brilliant feature and is not available in many of its competing software. You can also add tags to your subscribers while importing to remember which import they came from.

Drag and Drop Email builder:

Building emails is fun and easy with the drag and drop email builder available in the Aweber. You just simply need to drag and drop the images, videos or any other required thing in your message and it’s done.

Integrate with most of the services:

Its existence in the market for more than two decades has helped this software build relations with several other brands and when you become one of its users you get to benefit from their relations. They integrate with any service you might use. For example, you can integrate with click funnel landing page builder and so on.

Stack of email templates:

You get access to a huge number of email templates. Yes, and it is more than 700 which exceeds its competitors by a huge margin. Obviously, not all of the templates will look good but with a little bit of effort, you can find the right one for you. Designing your own template by coding is another option.

Email automation:

Aweber claims to be the pioneer of email automation technique and it’s not a small thing. So, you definitely have the option to send automated e-newsletters to your subscribers. For example, you can use it in your interest by sending a welcome email to the subscriber just after signing up. Then sending other relevant e-newsletters at regular intervals. This will keep the subscriber updated.

Blog broadcast:

You can also create a blog broadcast. Blog broadcast is basically taking your site’s RSS feed and then turning it into an e-newsletter that is sent to the subscriber on a regular basis. You just need to enter the RSS feed of your blog and Aweber will automatically send an email whenever you publish.

To do this you have to choose from a given set of templates specifically for this purpose. And the templates available are quite outdated. So, you will have to figure out something out of them. Template designs in Aweber need to be updated.

Responsive email templates:

All the available email templates are very responsive. They can resize themselves according to the device they are viewed.

Unfortunately, you cannot preview before sending the mail. You will actually have to send the mail and check in a smartphone or any other device to check how it is going to look. This is another feature that needs to be worked upon.

Split Testing:

Split testing, also known as A/B testing is a process in which you create multiple variants of an e-newsletter. And then you send them to a couple of your subscribers and check which of the newsletter variants is performing well.

Your email marketing tool helps you analyze that and then you send the better performing variant to the rest of your subscribers.

Aweber supports around 3 variants of an e-newsletter to test which is quite good compared to a few of its competitors.

Opt-in Processes:

Aweber allows you to choose between single opt-in and double opt-in processes. A subscriber may sign up using a single opt-in where he/she just have to provide their email and other details in order to sign up.

Or they will have to sign up by double opt-in method in which they will get a confirmation link in their mail to confirm their subscription. Not all the other competitor software provides this option. So, here Aweber gets a thumbs up.

In-depth Analytics:

Aweber allows you to keep track of your audience’s growth and help you succeed in a more practical manner.

You can check the activity of your subscribers like clicking the link or buying the referred product just with a click. And then you can create new segments and send targeted emails to those groups for even greater relevance and impact.


Aweber helps you land your messages directly in the inbox and not into some spam folder where your newsletter will go unnoticed. This is one of the best things about Aweber which helps you grow your subscriber list.


When it comes to pricing, Aweber is somewhere in the middle. Aweber offers you a free trial period of 30 days and once your free period is over you have the following plans to choose from.

It starts from $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers and goes up to $149 per month for up to 25000 subscribers. If you have a subscriber list of more than 25000 then you need to call them to get a quotation. And the best thing about the pricing part is that you get access to all features under all these packages. You do not need to pay more to unlock a new feature, unlike other competitor tools.


Aweber has all the basic features needed in an ideal e-mail marketing tool. It fits in the price and in spite of all the pros it has it also has a few unnoticeable cons. Aweber really needs to be work upon that. A few of its features that has room for improvement are its e-mail template designs. Another con is that they count even unsubscribed email addresses in your monthly quota.

Overall it is a must-try for all your basic and advanced email marketing needs. I hope this article was helpful enough to clear all your queries regarding Aweber. You definitely can shoot your questions in the comments.

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