Is Instagram going to replace YouTube ?


The world is shrinking; making everything come closer, be it in a virtual state, yet everything has confined itself on the narrower platform broadly known as the Internet. The Internet has not only brought everything available on a mere device but also has made us build smaller yet efficient platforms via social media. Social media platforms have made smaller communities of like-minded people where they come forward and interact with each other, share knowledge of their works and all those precious chunks of wisdom. It has been a boon to all the creators be it a writer, video maker, photographer or any form of artist. That particular individual is free to share his/her knowledge without being judged yet being appreciated at the same time. With a wide range of options or so stated as platforms, the ones which emerged to be the most popular when it boiled down to efficiency are YouTube and Instagram. Both YouTube and Instagram are excellent platforms for uploading and sharing videos. and with the features such as YouTube Monetization and Instagram Monetization both advertiser and creator are getting the financial benefit 

Instagram and its Features & Benefits:

Instagram provides you with a platform to share your creation in the form of pics or videos. When introduced at first, it was a whole sole place to put in photos. Hence, it attracted the majority of Meme Makers, Photographers, and Content Creators. As time passed by Instagram felt a sheer need to expand the domain of publication. It introduced videos, and this development finally led to the introduction of IGTV. It is a branch of Instagram where one can upload videos of non-restricted time constraint. Instagram is easy to use. it has a very simple process to upload things, unlike a few other apps.

Instagram Marketing has now introduced ways and means to reach a specific audience by promoting yourself and help Instagram to spread you in your domain. It has many aspects over which it can boast itself. Unlike a few other messaging apps, Instagram does not decrease the image quality of its uploaded content. Also, the layout is so convenient that it enables you to endlessly see the contents you want to. Instagram monetization also helps creators to earn from their work.

Instagram was one among those apps who used the feature of Hashtags(#), the benefit of such #Hashtags is that you can go and search for those pieces of stuff for which you are interested in rather than finding it out in a larger domain. This, however, shrinks approach but enables you to come across development you wish to see. This also covers the fact that the best work can also be seen very easily. Also, the most liked concept and the most viewed content enables us to view the best work available. IGTV or Instagram Videos is a place where raw creators post their content and this can also be viewed in the same fashion. IGTV and creation of innovative Instagram videos are the basis of Instagram Video Marketing. These forms of Instagram advertising help you to reach people within a short duration of time.

Youtube and its Features & Benefits:

YouTube yet another social media platform that enables you to post video content and also helps you to reach a wide sample space of the audience. It enables video creators to use headlines and tags as identification points for a variety of content. Videos posted can be searched using different tags and keywords. It provides a variety of choices and also sorts them according to our interest. YouTube monetization works on the basis of views obtained. hence, it helps you grow financially too. YouTube ads are also a good source of income where companies can advertise on your video and then can pay you in return for the number of clicks.




Yes, it is debatable that Instagram and YouTube are competing in their terms, but it is quite evident that Instagram has somehow found an edge over YouTube because it allows variety content to publish on its site it can be both Photo and video. Also, it has an altogether different video algorithm to prioritize your view list. It finds out common hashtags to finalize your priority list. It enables us to view content according to a particular domain, whereas YouTube provides you with a comparatively wider and less accurate data. Instagram with a regular feature of 60sec entertainment ensures people enjoy good content in a limited point of time, whereas YouTube allows big content, and that somehow looks time-consuming.

However, YouTube continues to have a bigger reach because of its availability, popularity and time of introduction. But it is believed that Instagram will come forward to become the most favored video content sharing app in the future. 

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