How to Make Money Online with Google Adsense in 2020

how to make money with google adsense 2019

All of us have heard about some famous bloggers and how they are earning their living through blogging. We have definitely dreamt about earning money from home through blogging.  Believe it or not, you can blog about virtually anything, any topic under the sun and earn money from it. In this article, we will discuss how to make money online with Google through Google AdSense.

You can sign in for the Google AdSense program for free, and they will place ads directly on your site for products and services related to the niche of your blog. When someone views ads on your website or when someone clicks one of the advertisements, you will receive ad revenue.

Now it is time for a reality check. You should not expect to write an article on any topic and hope that you will earn millions of dollars. The amount you make will depend on the topic and niche of your article. If you are writing on a popular topic, there is a good chance that a lot of people will bid to buy ads on that topic. On the other hand, if you are writing on a topic that does not generate that much interest, you will earn less. Obviously, there are a lot of factors, but if you have to put it in simple words, you should try to write about a topic which will bring a lot of user to your website.

Google AdSense Tips 2019

If you plan to apply for Google Adsense program, you should keep in mind these following points:

1. Build a Good Quality Website

Now when I say build a good quality website, it does not mean that purchase a premium theme ( if you are building your website through WordPress) or purchase a plan from a costly hosting service. Most important of all, the content of your website should not have any copyright issues. More often than not, Google AdSense rejects your proposal because it fails to comply with its copyright standards. You should have a minimum of ten articles on Your website before applying for AdSense (many people have reported that you may get approval for fewer articles, but to be on the safe side, go for at least ten articles). The articles must have a minimum of 600 words and preferably more than 1000 words. All the pages of your website should be complete, including about us, contact us. In short, your website should look complete.

2. Website Traffic is important

You have built your website, and you have received Google AdSense approval.

Now What?

Until and unless you bring traffic to your website, your AdSense approval will be pointless. There are several ways through which you can promote your website, starting from social share, writing micro-niche content, guest posting, posting in the question-answer community, etc. if you want to earn a substantial amount from AdSense you have to bring traffic to your website.

3. Content is the King

you might bring a new visitor to your site, but it is the returning visitor who will be more beneficial for you. For that, you must write engaging content. You might have heard that “Content is the King.” Well, it is absolutely true. Without engaging content, your blog will not be successful.

4. Auto Ads vs. Manual Ads

Google AdSense has the option to generate codes for auto ads. In auto ads, you have to paste the Adsense code at the header tag of your webpage. Google Adsense will automatically detect the best settings and show ads on your page at multiple locations. In auto ads, you cannot control your ads’ position on your page. Where in case of manual ads, you generate ad code manually and insert it to your webpage, as per your need( for WordPress website, It can be done through plugins such as “ad inserter”). When you create a manual ads unit, you will have much more control over your ads in terms of location and size. AdSense Revenue depends a lot on ads size and ads location. So it is preferable to go for manual ads.

5. Manage Multiple Blogs to Boost your AdSense Income

Running One blog is Okay, but if you want to generate substantial revenue through Google Adsense, You need to maintain multiple blogs. If you are getting $10 Adsense revenue from one blog and you are managing 10 blogs, then your income through AdSense will increase by 10 fold.


Adsense Blogging is one of the popular methods to make some extra cash online. If you can just write engaging content and generate value for your users, you can earn substantial income over a period of time through AdSense Blogging and maybe build your own brand

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