DigitalOcean vs AWS: 10 things You should know before you purchase

digitalocean vs AWS

DigitalOcean vs AWS; if you see it at a glance, it is not a fair contest. In the field of cloud computing, Amazon AWS is an established brand. They are providing excellent cloud computing service since 2002. But In 2011, Ben and Moisey Uretsky fonded DigitalOcean and they are joined by other co-founding members Mitch Wainer, Jeff Carr, and Alec Hartman in 2012 and launched their cloud computing solution. From the Beginning, DigitalOcean’s focus was to cater to the need developer, whereas AWS is having everything-for-all people approach. Now in 2019, both of these cloud Computing brands are competing for market share, and this competition between DigitalOcean vs AWS is creating a healthy environment in the market.

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But you have to ask yourself why a service provider is more successful than its immediate competitor? Even more important as a consumer, what service you will choose, and why?

There are several reasons, starting from

  • User experience
  • User-friendliness and easy to manage
  • Affordability
  • Option to use a trial version before you spend your hard-earned money on it
  • Support or after-sale service

We judge these parameters when buying any product or service, and a cloud server is no different. So let us see how DigitalOcean and AWS perform against these parameters. 

1. DigitalOcean Vs AWS: Type of Service Provided 

DigitalOcean is providing VPS server. VPS servers are a virtual machine sold as a hosting service by Hosting companies. Their target customers are the developers who will deploy their server. DigitalOcean is focusing on selling affordable server for its end users, whereas Amazon AWS has a wide range of products starting from storage, networking, database, and compute. As Amazon AWS has a wide range of service, big enterprises tend to prefer Amazon AWS. 

Amazon AWS Service

2. User experience: 

DigitalOcean’s motto is to create a simple experience in a complex world. DigitalOcean and AWS both are easy to deploy by configuring the API. You can easily add, lunch, or delete your project. But DigitalOcean provides a better user experience. DigitalOcean provides simple user-friendly Dashboard which is easier to manage. 

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3. Management of the servers

For DigitalOcean, you have to micro-manage your activity, and this method will eat away a considerable amount of your time. For small startups, having a small scale operation it may be feasible. For example, if you are looking for MySQL instance, you can power up a DigitalOcean droplet, and you can set up MySQL all by yourself.  

But if you are a DevOps professional working in a big company and don’t have time to go through every single activity such as Operating Systems, patches, and updates, Amazon RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service ) will complete these tasks for you automatically

4.DigitalOcean Vs AWS: Price Comparison

From the pricing point of view, DigitalOcean beats Amazon AWS by miles. DigitalOcean has price starts from as low as $5 per month. You also have the option to pay by the hour. Their prices are very affordable and excellent for startup companies. 

On the other hand, Amazon AWS has a wide range of service. But it has a complex pricing structure, and it can be difficult to understand. For affordability, transparency and easy to understand pricing, DigitalOcean is a clear winner here. 

DigitalOcean Pricing

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5. Complexity

If you are not new to the field of IT, you can manage both DigitalOcean and AWS with minimum difficulty. But AWS offering such as Lambada, ELB, VPC can be a little difficult to manage. 

6. Support

In terms of support, DigitalOcean is far superior to Amazon AWS, especially if you just entering in the field of managing cloud server. DigitalOcean has an excellent support system. There are lots of tutorials, e-wiki, FAQ to guide you and solve your problem. Their online community is also extremely helpful. 

Amazon AWS, on the other hand, is useful if you are a sophisticated user. But considering the vastness of their product range, they are also doing an excellent job of giving support, though not as well as DigitalOcean. 

7. I/O option SSD: 

Both DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS( EC2) is enabled with Solid Disk Drive( SSD) technology. SSD significantly improve I/O performance and Read/Write Heavy application runs smoothly in DigitalOcean. Though Amazon AWS offers this feature, DigitalOcean is cost-effective. 

8. Compatibility with O/S:

DigitalOcean is not compatible with Windows OS. The server can be deployed using a Linux server only. However, Amazon EC2( a type of server of AWS) is compatible with any Operating system. 

9. Advanced Operation:

In cloud computing, there are two types of services, 1) infrastructure as a service( IaaS) and 2) Platform as a service( PaaS). DigitalOcean can be categorized as IaaS, where you have to manage most of the functions starting from OS, database. AWS can be categorized as PaaS. It will handle almost everything except application. 

DIgitalOcean vs AWS

10. Payment option: 

DigitalOcean has payment options of Paypal and credit cards and debit card. With the introduction of Paypal, many consumers may find it convenient for payment.

On the other hand, AWS has a payment option of Debit card, credit card, and EFT ( electronic fund transfer). This electronic fund transfer is a bonus for AWS. Also exclusively for Europian customer, they have SEPA direct debit payments and exclusively for United States of America customer they have ACH direct debit payments.


In the fight between DigitalOcean vs AWS, a clear winner cannot be declared. DigitalOcean is more focused on the satisfaction of small startups. They are clearly ahead in terms of pricing, user-friendliness, and user experience. But AWS is better for big enterprises, for which micro-managing server handling and maintenance is not possible.  

But for as a cost-effective cloud computing solution, especially for small startups, DigitalOcean is “Bang for their Buck.”

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