Age of Empire 4: Everything We know in July 2019

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“NOW, A NEW AGE IS UPON US” with this promise, Microsoft has announced Age of Empire 4 in Gamescom 2017. As a part of the successful franchise such as Age of Empire, which has made games like Age of Empire 1, 2 and  3; Age of Empire 4 has been the most anticipated game since its announcement. It has created quite a buzz among the RTS fans. 

We arrived in 2019 and still waiting for the game to be released. 

So here is everything we know about the Age of Empire 4

Age of Empire 4: Development is in progress by Relic Entertainment

Age of Empire 4 is being developed by Relic Entertainment. Relic Entertainment successfully developed games like Company of Heroes 1 and 2 and War hammer 40k: Dawn of War and all of them have been popular among RTS fans. In the case of Company of Heroes franchise, Relic Entertainment has focused on the tactical ability of their unit rather than a city-building element, which we normally see in Age of Empire games. We hope to see some kind of a mix between Relic’s in-depth strategy with nation-building element of previous Age of Empire games. But it is vital that Relic Entertainment does not rush the development of this game. Recently a few franchises have tried to rush out a game every single year, and the quality of those games did not meet the expectations of fans.  

Age of Empire 1, 2, and 3 were previously created by ensemble studio.  In the year 2009, ensemble studio has been disbanded by Microsoft, eight years after acquiring in 2001. But we are really excited what Relic Entertainment can do with this game as they have lots of potentials to give us the game we have been waiting for over a decade.

age of empire for everything we know

Another masterpiece from the composer of “Witcher 3”

The soundtrack of Age of Empire 4 is being composed by none other than “ Mikolai Stroinski,” the composer of the soundtrack of Witcher 3.  He in his facebook page has made this announcement on January 2019. He has done an exceptional job with Witcher 3, and we would like to see that quality of performance repeated with this game.

Age of Empire 4 trailer: 

it is announced in Gamescom 2017 by Microsoft. Checkout the announcement trailer.

Age of Empire 4: what can we expect in the Gameplay department 

From the announcement trailer, we can guess that Age of Empire 4 will not be set in a singular era. In the trailer, we can see native Americans, British redcoats, Roman legionnaires, Japanese samurai. So we are anticipating that the game may cover multiple eras as we have seen in games like “Rise of Nations.”

Age of Empire 4: release date

As for the release date of the game, we do not have any confirmation when the game will be released. After the announcement in 2017, there has been a little development came to light regarding the production of the game. With the news of the appointment of “ Mikolai Stroinski,” we can take it as a sign the there is some progress for the game. This year in an interview with PCgamesN, Adma Isgreen, the creative director of the game, said that “I’m happy to tell you that we’re going to start talking about Age of Empires IV later this year. As you know, there are two major events right now – Gamescom and XO – that Microsoft always does stuff for. So one or the other, maybe? I can’t be specific, but suffice to say that we’ve got Gamescom coming up, and then XO later this year in London, so at the latest, you’ll hear more about Age of Empires IV by XO. “. So we can expect some news during November when XO will be held. 

That is all we know about Age of Empire 4 so far in 2019, till now. We will update you as soon as we have more news. 

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